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The Safety Captain Initiative is an afterschool job for teens that uses a project based learning approach to answer questions like:

What makes a youth friendly neighborhood? What makes a neighborhood safe?


The job includes getting paid to learn about, research and discuss concepts like community, safety, health & wellness. As part of your job, you will take part in workshops, go on field trips, and will be taught how to conduct community asset mapping, and more!


Our 2020 Play Captains created this guide to help teens safe during Covid-19.

The Safety Captain Initiative is a project of Fab Youth Philly

with funding from Drexel University's West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood

"We are a community of possibilities, not a community of problems.  Community exists for the sake of belonging and takes its identity from the gifts, generosity, and accountability of its citizens. It is not defined by its fears, its isolation, or its penchant for retribution. We currently have all the capacity, expertise, programs, leaders, regulations, and wealth required to end unnecessary suffering and create an alternative future.” ― Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

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